Sometimes other people say it best

I am the outcome of a trillion coalescing possibilities...
That's a quote from PZ Myers; go read the whole thing.


Planetx_123 said...

Nice article!

Are you enjoying your trip? Have you been before?

Do you have skype or messenger? We should chat sometime.


Austin said...

I came here last year - same time, same reason same room even. I did most of the tourist-y stuff then: helicopter ride, submarine trip, luau, Ulalena, that sort of thing.

This time, I've only got two actual "trips" planned. The first one, they drive you to Hana and hike around the pools for a few hours. That actually looks like it might fall through, since not enough people signed up. So, I may end up driving out there on my own one day and walking around, which could end up being better.

The second is a ferry across to Lanai and a tour of the island in a 4x4, with appropriate stops for pictures and such. That's still on.

Other than that, I'm going to take myself on a few hikes to water falls, and probably try to get up to the top of Haleakela for sunrise at some point. Oh, and I'll have to schedule something for the 4th.

Today, though, as is always the case on my first day of being on vacation, I'm just relaxing. I'll probably head out to the festivities at Little Beach towards sunset, but mostly it's just lounging naked on the deck and listening to the waves.

Uh, no skype, but MSN is dstarfire (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Planetx_123 said...

very cool. are you there with anyone? Or just an escape by yourself? I am a loner most of the time, so I get it if thats the case.

Ive hiked Haleakela (not this trip, last time), but have not been to other islands outside of Maui and Oahu.

Have fun!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Austin said...

Nah, here on my own. I generally meet people when I travel, but I'm probably too picky to travel well with other people.

And, thanks. I don't really celebrate my birthday - my trips are my way to make sure other people can't, either, which ends up being sort of ironic. But the wishes are appreciated.

Dean Grey said...


So the quote suggests that we're special because of the unique possibilities that came together and created us.

And yet, what about all the other billions of people on this planet? All of their unique possibilities that made them sort of make ours not all that exciting, huh?


Planetx_123 said...


I think quite the opposite: I think that observation reinforces the point of why its exciting!

Austin said...


The point is, we weren't "designed", we just happened. Each of us is the result of an amazing number of random events. In a very practical sense, you could say that it's taken the entire history of the universe up until this very moment to create you - you are the sum of everything that has come before you.

That's far more impressive than if some random beard in the clouds waved his hand and made you appear, is it not?

Dean Grey said...


Actually both possibilities (that we just happened or were created by God) sound exciting in their own right.


david said...

k, i thought we evolved... from randomness? btw, is there any of that apple pie left?
hi austin... hope youre having a great time and a terrific summer...

- cheers... david

Ryan said...


send me an email at ryryt87@yahoo.com and ill invite you i seen you on my blog before and have read some of yours so i dont think you were apart of what was going on.